Members and Students should complete the 2024 Membership Renewal on or before 29 February 2024. Failure to renew your membership on time will result in the cessation of your TIHK membership and the removal of your name from the CTA Register (if applicable).

Important notes for 2024 Membership Renewal:

1. Online Renewal of Membership and CTA Certificate

To encourage members to renew their membership and CTA certificate (if applicable) online, the Institute will offer one incentive to those members who complete the 2023 renewal via TIHK website by 31 January 2024.

Please log-in your TIHK account, and visit “My Profile” -> “Advancement & Renewal” -> “Annual Renewal”.

TIHK 2024 Membership Renewal Online Tutorial

 The incentive is as follows:

  • Two HK$50 CPD e-coupons for enrolling in the Institute’s seminars or webinars
    For those who complete renewal online by 31 January 2024, the Institute will offer two HK$50 CPD e-coupons (total value at HK$100) through email.  The first e-coupon will be issued in February 2024 and valid until May 2024.  The second e-coupon will be issued in May 2024 and valid until August 2024.

2. Declaration for Renewal of 2024 Membership

All members (Fellow, Associate and Affiliate) are required to complete the declaration for renewal of 2024 membership.

3. CPD Declaration for ALL TIHK members (including non-CTAs) from 1 December 2022 to 30 November 2023

Starting from 2022, members who are not CTAs are also required to declare whether they have fulfilled the Institute’s CPD requirement when they renew their membership.  The CPD requirement for non-CTA members is to obtain a total of 10 CPD Hours during 1 December 2022 to 30 November 2023, of which 3 hours are tax related.  Please visit for details on the Institute’s CPD requirements.

4. Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII)

All Chartered Tax Advisers and Certified Tax Advisers who are in public practice are required to be covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance (“PII”), unless they are exempted because their liabilities have already been covered by the firm or PII obtained in their other professional capacity.

AMTD is the broker of the Institute’s master PII policy.  Enrollment for and renewal of the 12-month policy (incepton date from 1 January 2023) is now opened.  The deadline will be 29 December 2023 (Friday).  

PII proposal form for new applicants:

PII renewal form for existing PI-enrolled members:

The forms and payment details could also be downloaded at (member’s log-in is required).  Please feel free to contact AMTD at 3163 3260 or [email protected] for details on the master PII policy and submiting proposal form/ renewal form.

5. Online Renewal of Student Registration

In order to be more environmental-friendly, Students are strongly encouraged to renew their student registration online.

Please log-in your TIHK account, and visit My Profile” -> “Advancement & Renewal” -> “Annual Renewal”.

TIHK 2024 Student Registration Renewal Online Tutorial

We hope that you will stay with us, and we will count on your continuous support to the Institute in the coming year.  If you have difficulties renewing your membership online or accessing our website, please contact the Secretariat at [email protected] or 2810 0438.

The Taxation Institute of Hong Kong

December 2023