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FM01 Application for Membership  
FM02 Application for Advancement to Fellow Membership  
FM03 Application for Re-admission to Membership / Regaining of CTA Designation  
FM04 Resignation from Membership / Withdrawal of CTA Registration 2020  
RE01 Application for Retirement Rate of Annual Subscription [To be provided]  
SM01 Application to Register as a Student  
SM02 Application for Re-admission to Student Membership  
AE01 Application for Accredited Employer Programme  
OF01 Notification of Change of Personal Data  


Annual Return

AR01 Annual Return Declaration  
AR02 Declarations for CTAs  


CTA Designation and Examination

CE01 Enrollment for CTA Examination  
CE01 Application for Exemption(s) from the CTA Examination  
CE03 Appeal for CTA Examination Result
[Note*: The Appeal Form has to be submitted to the Institute within two weeks after the announcement of the examination results]
CE04 Application to Register as a Certified Tax Adviser / Certified Tax Adviser (Non-practising)
[Note*: This form is for Graduates of the CTA Examination only.]
TX01 Order Form of International Tax Law and Practice