CTA Designation


    • Over the past 10 years, the Certified Tax Adviser (CTA) Qualifying Examination has successfully established its reputation as a professional tax examination and a unique designation of tax professionalism in Hong Kong. It has set a benchmark for the local tax professionals. Many CTAs are now working in different companies, contributing their tax knowledge to the community. With the rapid-changing tax policies worldwide, not only is the role of the Certified Tax Advisers indispensable, but gaining increasing recognition and importance.
    • Starting from 2020, all CTAs are required to declare whether they are practising or non-practising. Definitions of CTA and CTA (non-practising) are as follows:
      CTA: A member who provides taxation services to the public on a full-time or part-time basis as a sole practitioner, is a member of a partnership, a member of a limited liability partnership, a proprietor of an unincorporated body, a director of, or an employee of, a company providing taxation services in which the member has a financial interest which represents 5% or more of the equity capital, or an employee who holds out as a CTA and provides taxation services to the public.
      CTA (Non-practising): A member who does not fall within the definition of CTA as defined above.
    • CTA and CTA (Non-practising) have to fulfill different requirements in order to renew their CTA or CTA (Non-practising) Certificate annually.
        Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Requirement Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) Requirement
      CTA 15 CPD Hours
      (with 8 Hours related to tax)
      To fulfill the minimum coverage of PII, i.e. one million Hong Kong dollars (HK$1,000,000)
      15 CPD Hours
      (with 8 Hours related to tax)
      Not applicable
    • Practising CTAs are required to declare whether they have fulfilled the PII requirements. If there is any change to their status (for example from “CTA (Non-practising)” to “CTA” or vice versa), they should notify the Institute of such change within one month and make sure they have the necessary PII cover (if applicable).


Chartered Tax Adviser License

In June 2020, TIHK has reached an agreement with the Chartered Institute of Taxation (“CIOT”) regarding the Licensing Arrangement (The “Licensing Agreement”) under which CIOT has licensed TIHK to grant the “Chartered Tax Adviser” designation to our qualifying members.  Please click here for the joint announcement from TIHK and CIOT.

The Licensing Agreement will be effective upon approval of the necessary amendments to the TIHK’s Articles of Association.  It is anticipated that the formality process will complete within 2020.  Tentatively starting from 2021, the current Certified Tax Advisers will be able to convert to Chartered Tax Advisers, and the Certified Tax Adviser (CTA) Qualifying Examination will also be renamed as Chartered Tax Adviser Qualifying Examination.  Newly qualifying members passing the Chartered Tax Adviser Qualifying Examination, and upon satisfying other specific requirements, will be granted the Chartered Tax Adviser designation.  


CTA Accredited Employer Programme

To further strengthen and advance the status of CTA in Hong Kong, and to provide continuing support to the members’ firms and training to their staff members who are eager and passionate to become CTAs, the Institute has introduced the CTA Accredited Employer Programme (AEP) in 2011.
Under this Programme, the Institute has provided training platforms to the Accredited Employers in areas of technical issues and experience sharing in their daily work engagements, and there are examination-oriented seminars for the CTA Students. A variety of social activities and visits, in particular to our counterparts in Mainland China, have also been organised to enhance the networking of the members joining this Programme.
The Institute now has more than 260 Accredited Employers, including many renowned CPA firms. Please click here for the list of Accredited Employers.


How to become an Accredited Employer?

Just complete the application form and return to the Institute’s Secretariat. There is NO application fee or annual registration fee required. Upon approved by the Institute’s Council, your company will be added to the AEP Register List and a Certificate will be given to you.
AEP Application Form 2021-25 (HK)