The Taxation Institute of Hong Kong (TIHK) is a professional body and non-governmental organization in Hong Kong and has been serving the community and taxation professionals since September 1972. The prime objectives of TIHK are to promote the study of taxation and uphold the standard of our members in their career as tax practitioners and advisors in Hong Kong.

Year 2022 is TIHK’s Golden Jubilee, which represents a remarkable milestone to tax profession for its half-century contribution and development in Hong Kong. The institute is planning to organize a series of events for this special occasion, Stay tuned for more exciting news!

Slogan Design Competition

TIHK 50th Anniversary Taskforce has organized Slogan Design Competition in January 2022. Thanks to all members and registered students who have participated by sharing with us their brilliant ideas. After several rounds of discussion, members of the 50th Anniversary Taskforce decided that the winners of the slogan design competitions as follows:

Member ID Name Slogan in Chinese Slogan in English
Champion 1366 Mr Cheng 稅務翹楚領社群 ;


Leading Our Profession;
Serving Our Community
1st Runner-up 3620 Mr Cheng 香江税月半世紀 ;


Our Golden Jubilee Celebration ;
The Leading Tax Profession in Hong Kong
2nd Runner-up S0663 Mr Chuang 服務香港五十載 ;


Serving Hong Kong for 50 years; Spearheading to lead tax profession for half a century

TIHK reserves the right to refine, modify, use, or dispose of the winning entry in any way as it deems appropriate. The slogans will be published in all publications and promotional media of The Taxation Institute of Hong Kong (“The Institute” or “TIHK”), including but not limited to newsletters, social media platforms, email direct marketing circulars, websites and event booklets.

Membership Referral Scheme


Terms and Guidelines

  • Any current member of the Institute (Affiliate, Associate and Fellow) could be the “Referrer Member”;
  • “New Member” is a person that has never been admitted as member to the Institute (e.g. member that has resigned from the Institute for whatever reasons and re-admitted will not be considered as “New Member” in this context)
  • Graduate passing the relevant examinations set by the Institute and admitted as member is not “New Member” under this referral program;
  • A “Referrer Member” is entitled to a reduction of HK$500 in 2023 annual subscription fee by referring a “New Member” to join the Institute from now to 31 May 2022. The “New Member” is also entitled to CPD e-coupons with total value at HK$500.
  • The maximum number of referrals with annual subscription fee reduction is 2, i.e., a “Referrer Member” could be entitled to up to HK$1,000 reduction in 2023 annual subscription fee.
  • For best corporate governance purpose, the above rewards are not made available to Council Member acting as “Referrer Member”.
TIHK 50th Anniversary – 2022 Membership Referral Scheme Guidelines

Apply for the Institute’s membership

How to receive the incentives

Upon successful payment of admission and annual registration fee, the membership application will be considered by the Membership and Member Service Committee and the Council.  The review process takes approximately two to three weeks.  The applicant will be contacted by the Secretariat should we require further information to proceed the application.

  • New Member
    Upon approval of membership application, the New Member will receive an email notice with account login information and CPD e-coupons with total value at HK$500.
  • Referrer Member
    Upon approval of membership application, the Referrer Member will receive an email notice confirming his/her entitlement to 2023 annual subscription fee waiver(s).

Enquiries (TIHK Secretariat)
Telephone: +852 2810 0438

Career Development Programme and Mentorship Programme

To promote the study of taxation and encourage the pursuit of tax profession, the Taxation Institute of Hong Kong (“The Institute”) is organising the Career Development Programme (“the Programme”) for the second year in 2022. The Programme consists of interviews and internship opportunities offered by employers reviewed and approved by the Institute, which serves as a platform to connect industry professionals and aspiring young adults who would like to pursue a career in tax profession.
In 2022, the Institute will celebrate its 50th anniversary of establishment and we are pleased to launch the Mentorship Programme, as part of the Career Development Programme, to celebrate this remarkable milestone. Please visit details of 2022 Career Development Programme and Mentorship Programme.

Memories in TIHK - Mosaic & Photo Collage Activity



To celebrate our 50th anniversary, TIHK will be producing a mosaic art piece as the signing board in gala dinner, with our most important stakeholder – our valuable members!

In this golden jubilee, TIHK would like to share our pride and joy with our members. TIHK could not achieve this milestone without your support all over the years! Send us your photo and share your memories in TIHK with us, We will feature your photo in the mosaic piece!


Registered student or a current member of the Institute.

General guidelines:

1. Each member can submit one photo only. Only submissions from TIHK registered students/members are eligible for inclusion in the photo mosaic. You should be the owner of the photo.
2. If you would like to join the Photo Mosaic but do not have any TIHK event photos, you may send your portrait.
3. TIHK approves and publishes photos at its sole discretion. Submitted photos will be used solely for the TIHK 50th Anniversary photo mosaic, which will be presented in both physical and digital forms.
4. The photo mosaic will also be published in all publications and promotional media of TIHK, including but not limited to newsletters, social media platforms, email direct marketing circulars, websites, and event booklets.
5. By submitting a photo, you agree to the terms and conditions above.

Deadline of Submission:

31 May 2022

  1. Google Form
    – Please click <<<HERE>>> to access the form and submit your photo online.
  2. Email
    – If you do not have a Google Account, you can send the photo to ““, the email subject is “Submit Photo for TIHK 50th Anniversary Photo Mosaic”. Please also leave down your name and membership number for our information.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Ms Christy Lee of TIHK Secretariat at 2810 0438 or email to ““.

Tax Policy Paper Competition 2022 










TIHK 50周年慶祝活動 - 稅務小貼士GIVEAWAYS

TIHK 50周年慶祝活動 – 稅務小貼士GIVEAWAYS