Newly-Elected President and Honorary Officers for 2020/21

The Institute is pleased to announce the new President, Vice-Presidents, Honorary Treasurer and Honorary Secretary of the Institute for the 2020/21 have been elected at the first Council Meeting 2020/21 which was held immediately after the 48th Annual General Meeting on 25 September 2020.

A list of 2020/21 Council Members:

TIHK Council 2020-21

The Institute would like to take this opportunity to thank the Council Members for their valuable services and contribution to the development of the Institute in the past year, and congratulate the President, Vice-Presidents and the Honorary Officers for being elected/re-elected.

The Institute also counts on your continued support for its future development.

[Important] Extended due date for M Code Returns

In view of the developing situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, many taxpayers and their representatives’ work schedules have been greatly affected as most companies have adopted remote working and the auditors cannot go to the Mainland to perform the onsite audit work.

As many of the Institute members are tax practitioners who work in Small and Medium size sectors, the Institute is concerned about the coming due date for M Code Returns, and has proposed to the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) to extend the due date in order to minimise the potential impacts to both taxpayers and tax representatives during the preparation of their returns and financial statements.

The IRD has replied the Institue and agreed to extend the due date for filing 2019/20 M Code Profits Tax Returns to 30 November 2020 in order to support the professionals and business.  Despite this extension, tax representatives are encouraged to file as many returns as possible well before the extended due date.

On a related note, the due date for D Code Returns will also be extended to 30 September 2020.

The Institute thanks the IRD for their understanding in these difficult times.

Updates on 2020 CTA Qualifying Examination (Enrollment until noon, 15 September)

Members and Students should note the following important updates on the 2020 CTA Qualifying Examination:

1. Precautionary Measures at Examination Venue 

The Institute and the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority (HKEAA) will implement a number of prevention and control measures at the examination venue to protect all candidates from the risk of infection of COVID-19.

For details of the measures, please refer to HKEAA’s notice:

HKEAA Precautionary Measures


2. Revision Courses

Kaplan PolyU SPEED
Courses to be offered: Paper 2 Hong Kong Tax
Paper 4 PRC Tax
Paper 5 Advanced Taxation Practice
Paper 2 Hong Kong Tax
Dates: 3 September to early October 12 September to 3 October
Language: Cantonese Cantonese supplemented with English
Closing Date for Application: Before commencement of
the respective courses
8 September 2020 (Tuesday)
*Deadline further extended
Website: Click Here Click Here
Kaplan CTA Exam Revision Course 2020
PolyU SPEED CTA Exam Revision Course 2020
Contact: Tel: 2526 3686
Email: HKCTA@kaplan.com
Tel: 3400 2683 / 3400 2828 (Ms Wong)
Email: speed@speed-polyu.edu.hk

Attendance of these revision courses is optional. Please visit www.tihk.org.hk/programmes-courses/ for more details.


3. Textbook

The Institute and Wolters Kluwer have jointly published the textbook “International Tax Law & Practice” for Paper 3.  To order the textbook, please click

Order Form of International Tax Law and Practice


4. Enrollment Deadline of 2020 CTA Examination

Enrollment for 2020 CTA Examination will close at 12:00 noon, 15 September 2020.  Please click here for online enrollment.

For enquiries, please contact the TIHK Secretariat by email: tihkadm@tihk.org.hk, or telephone: 2810-0438.

New appointment of Commissioner of Inland Revenue

As announced by the HKSAR Government, Mr Tam Tai-pang has been appointed as the new Commissioner of Inland Revenue following the retirement of Mr Wong Kuen-fai.  Mr Tam will assume the post on 20 August 2020 when Mr Wong commences his pre-retirement leave.

Mr Tam has profound knowledge and experience in tax administration, and also possesses proven management and leadership skills.  The Taxation Institute of Hong Kong (“the Institute”) congratulates Mr Tam on his new appointment and looks forward to working with him for the betterment of the Hong Kong tax profession in the future.

The Institute would also like to express its gratitude to Mr Wong for leading the Inland Revenue Department in the past years, and wish him a happy retirement.

TIHK Secretariat resumes normal office hours from 17 August 2020

The TIHK Secretariat office will resume normal office hours (9:30am to 6:30pm, Monday to Friday) from 17 August 2020 (Monday).  The office has earlier been disinfected completely.

Any enquiries can be sent to tihkadm@tihk.org.hk.

Postponement of TIHK’s Extraordinary General Meeting (6 August) & 48th Annual General Meeting (28 August)

In view of the current surge of COVID-19 cases and the health and safety of members and staff, the Institute has decided to postpone the Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) and the 48th Annual General Meeting (48th AGM) scheduled to be held on 6 August and 28 August 2020 respectively.  The Institute will reschedule both the EGM and the 48th AGM when the epidemic situation is easing.


On a related note, as of the nomination deadline (i.e. 27 July) for the Election of Eight Members to the Council, the Institute has not received any new nominations apart from the retired eight Council Members standing for re-election.  Since the candidates running for election are not more in number than the vacancies, no polling will be needed.  The eight persons so running for election shall, as from the 48th AGM, be deemed to be duly elected members of the Council.


The Secretariat staff members will continue to work from home until further notice.  Should you need any assistance, please contact us by email tihkadm@tihk.org.hk.  We will reply you as soon as possible, however response time may be longer than usual.


At this difficult time, the Institute wishes you and your loved ones health and safety.

TIHK Secretariat office closed for cleaning from 27 July 2020

A TIHK Secretariat staff member has tested positive for Covid-19 on 26 July 2020.  The infected employee last worked at Sheung Wan Secretariat office on 20 July 2020.

The Secretariat office will close for deep cleaning from 27 July 2020 (Monday) until further notice.  In the meantime, all staff members will be undergoing a test and working from home.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.






CIOT & TIHK Virtual Chartered Tax Adviser Launching Ceremony on 16 July 2020

The Taxation Institute of Hong Kong (TIHK) has organised the “CIOT and TIHK Virtual Chartered Tax Adviser Launching Ceremony” on 16 July 2020 to celebrate the TIHK’s achievement of being awarded the licensing right to grant the “Chartered Tax Adviser” designation from Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT).

Although due to the recent COVID-19 situation, the Ceremony could not be held physically, TIHK still leveraged on the technology within a short period of time to arrange the event online.

We were pleased to have the CIOT President, Mr Glyn Fullelove, and other CIOT colleagues joining the Ceremony.  We were also honored to have, Mr Paul Chan Mo Po, GBM, GBS, MH, JP, Financial Secretary of the government of HKSAR, to be the Guest of Honor of the Ceremony and deliver a keynote speech.

We thank all members and friends for joining us in this virtual ceremony to share our joy and pride, and we hope to meet you face-to-face very soon!

To view the Celebration Booklet:

CIOT and TIHK CTA Launchering Ceremony Booklet (July 2020)

To watch the virtual Launching Ceremony:



Notice of D-code extension

In view of the third wave of COVID-19 infection cases, the Institute has earlier proposed to the IRD to extend the D-code filing deadline.

The IRD has agreed to extend the due date for filing Profits Tax returns for 2019/20 with Accounting Date Code D (i.e. accounting date falls within 1 December 2019 to 31 December 2019) from 17 August 2020 to 15 September 2020. Despite this extension, tax representatives are encouraged to file as many returns as possible well before the extended due date.

The Institute thanks the IRD for their understanding in this difficult time.