Supporting Project WeCan


Project WeCan is a Business-in-Community initiative providing students who are disadvantaged in learning with opportunities and care to empower them for pursuing higher studies and future careers. Through Project WeCan, the Institute became a partner of Lok Sin Tong Wong Chung Ming Secondary School (“the School”).

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the Institute regularly collaborates with the School to organize face-to-face workshops for the students. Committee Members from Young Member Committee and Publicity and CTA Promotion Committee host the workshops and had sharing and interactions with students on various topics.  Apart from workshops at school, the Institute also organize firm visits to enhance students’ understanding of business practices and different industry. A visit to PricewaterhouseCoopers Hong Kong (PwC HK) was organized in April 2019.


Physical events with the School were suspended and replaced with virtual events. Mr Webster Ng, President of the Institute, was invited by the students to share his view on leadership and interview tips in May 2021. The interview was featured in the newsletter of the School’s Student Union and in the Institute’s Newsletter June Edition. In March 2021, Mr William Wong, Chairman of Publicity and CTA Promotion hosted a sharing on accounting and tax profession to share his experience and real-life business practices.

Committee Members of Young Member Committee, Mr Michael Chung, Ms Cathy Lui and Mr Vincent Tse also hosted three to four virtual workshops to share workplace communication skills.


Despite the social-distancing restrictions, the Institute will continue efforts to engage with the younger generation and contribute to the society.