Nurturing Talents


The Institute strives to promote the study of taxation and has been collaborating closely with local universities and tertiary institutions to nurture future tax professionals. Major initiatives include Annual Tax Debate Competition and Career Development Programme that offers mock interview and internship opportunities. The Institute will also introduce Mentorship Programme in 2022 to celebrate its 50 anniversary which is a remarkable milestone.


Apart from collaborating with tertiary institutions, the Institute has been actively supporting the events organised by Project WeCan, a business-in-community programme that fosters cross-sector cooperation.

Tax Debate Competition

Since 2015, the Institute has been organizing the Annual Tax Debate Competition to promote the study of taxation and draw awareness of university students to the tax profession as another choice in their career development upon graduation. The Debate has been successful in encouraging students to express their opinions on current tax topics and attracting public attention.


In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Institute organised the first-ever Greater Bay Area Online Tax Competition in 2021 in replacement of the physical competition and invited eight institutions from the region to join the Competition. Please visit details of 2022 Tax Debate Competition.

Career Development Programme and Mentorship Programme

To promote the study of taxation and encourage the pursuit of tax profession, the Taxation Institute of Hong Kong (“The Institute”) is organising the Career Development Programme (“the Programme”) for the second year in 2022. The Programme consists of interviews and internship opportunities offered by employers reviewed and approved by the Institute, which serves as a platform to connect industry professionals and aspiring young adults who would like to pursue a career in tax profession.


In 2022, the Institute will celebrate its 50th anniversary of establishment and we are pleased to launch the Mentorship Programme, as part of the Career Development Programme, to celebrate this remarkable milestone. Please visit details of 2022 Career Development Programme and Mentorship Programme.

Supporting Project WeCan

Project WeCan is a Business-in-Community initiative providing students who are disadvantaged in learning with opportunities and care to empower them for pursuing higher studies and future careers. Through Project WeCan, the Institute became a partner of Lok Sin Tong Wong Chung Ming Secondary School (“the School”) and collaborated with the School to organize various activities for students, such as firm visits, industry sharing sessions and workshops on workplace communication skills. Please visit for the collaboration between the Institute and Project WeCan.