Career Development Programme and Mentorship Programme



Programme Overview

To promote the study of taxation and encourage the pursuit of tax profession, the Taxation Institute of Hong Kong (“The Institute”) is organising the Career Development and Mentorship Programme (“the Programme”) since 2021.  The Programme consists of interviews, internship and mentorship opportunities offered by employers reviewed and approved by the Institute, which serves as a platform to connect industry professionals and aspiring young adults who would like to pursue a career in tax profession.

Last year, 17 Employers including 16 CPA firms and 1 commercial company (“the Employers”) and 58 students from five local universities signed up for the Programme.  The five universities are City University of Hong Kong, Lingnan University, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong and The University of Hong Kong respectively.  35 students joined the interview sessions eventually and one-half of the students with outstanding performances were offered summer internships at the Employers.  Moreover, 27 students joined the mentor-mentee relationship with 14 tax practitioners from CPA firms and commercial companies.

Employers’ (mentors’) eligibility and roles

All eligible employers are welcomed to participate in the Programme. An eligible employer should:

  • be a TIHK Member with not less than 8 years of working experience;
  • provide a proof of employment in the event that a TIHK member’s employer would like to participate in the Programme;
  • has been established for not less than three years at the time of registration;
  • hold a valid Business Registration Certificate or other recognised registered certificate/license at the time of internship provision;
  • commit to nurturing future tax professionals and actively participate in the Programme’ activities; and
  • share your professional experience and provide valuable insight to mentees on their career planning and aspirations.

Students’ eligibility and roles

An eligible student should:

  • be a local or non-local* tertiary student and preferably major in Accountancy and Business; and
  • commit to the Programme and actively participate in the Programme’s activities; and
  • be proactive in discussing your expectations and consulting with mentors.

*Non-local students should be subject to the conditions of stay of the visa/entry permit issued to them by the Immigration Department.  The Institute is not responsible for undertaking any procedure required to recruit a non-local student as a summer intern.  The hiring employer and the student intern should be responsible for the procedures.