Invitation for contribution of articles for TIHK Newsletter 

The Institute is going to introduce a new member column to the TIHK Newsletter starting from Issue No. 45 (October 2021). Members are encouraged to contribute to the Newsletter by sharing their opinions on tax matters or professional experience.

A. Submission guidelines

1. Articles should be exclusive to the Newsletter. The Institute does not publish open articles or third-party articles.

2. Articles could either be in Chinese or English. The minimum number of words of an article is 500.

3. Articles should not contain false information or content that could be considered offensive.

4. The Institute does not generally publish more than one article from a single person in the same issue.

5. Members will be notified if their articles are selected before publication. Articles and photos submitted may be edited for publication purposes.

6. The Institute reserves the right of final decision over the selection of articles for publication.

B. Suggestions on topics

1. Opinion on tax topics (tax policies, IRD practices etc.)

2. Relationship with TIHK

        • TIHK will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2022. Share a memorable moment with the Institute.
        • Give advice to young tax professionals that will benefit their career planning.

3. Professional Development

        • What is your current role as a tax professional?
        • What was your career path to the current role?
        • Any tips or advice for tax practitioners in Hong Kong?
        • How do you fill your time outside work?

How to contribute?

1. Please read the submission guidelines carefully before contributing an article.

2. At maximum two photos could be enclosed with an article. Photos should be in JPEG/PNG format with maximum size at 2MB.  Photos with low resolution may not be published.

3. The Institute only accepts submissions in doc. or docx. files (i.e., Microsoft Word) via two methods:

        • Email submission
          Please complete the submission form, quote subject “Article Contribution to TIHK Newsletter” and email to [email protected]
        • Submission via Google form
          You will be required to login your Google account in order to submit via this Google form:

4. Hand-written articles and submissions in other formats will not be considered.  The contributor could choose to publish the article either in full name, initial or firm name.  Please specify the publishing name in the form.

5. To recognise members’ contribution, the Institute will give out a set of the Institute’s souvenirs if the article is published.

Disclaimer: The Institute and the Editorial Team of the Newsletter shall not take any legal responsibility arising from publication of members’ articles.  Members shall assume all legal responsibility arising from publication of their articles.