Articles of Association

The Institute is a professional body independent of the HKSAR Government and operates within the terms of its Articles of Association.

Articles of Association of The Taxation Institute of Hong Kong


The Council is the governing body of the Institute and makes decisions on overall strategy, policy and direction, and oversees the Institute’s operations and governance. The Council consists of not less than eight and not more than 24 elected members, together with an ex-officio member being the Immediate Past President of the Institute who does not or is not eligible to seek for re-election as the next President. All nomination and election procedures are bound by the Institute’s Articles of Association (Articles 61 to 64).

The Council is well represented, with members who are professionals from Big Four, small and medium-sized CPA firms, commercial firms, law firms and the education sector. The President and three Vice-Presidents are elected by the Council from the elected Council members.


2019/2020 Council Members

  • Mr CHOI Heng Chio, Jeremy
  • Mr HUI Chung Ying, Kevin
  • Mr NG Kam Wah, Webster
  • Mr WONG Shun On, Caesar
Honorary Treasurer
  • Mr LAU Kum Tao, Alan
Honorary Secretary
  • Mr PANG Tsun Loy, Michael
Immediate Past President
  • Mr CHAN Chung Wai, Bryan
Council Members
  • Mr BIN Chung Wai, Edwin
  • Mr CHEUNG Hok Hin, Alan
  • Ms CHOW Man Ching, Eva
  • Mr CHOY Kuen On, Ben
  • Mr HO Chi Wai, Savio
  • Ms LAM Yin Lai, Carol
  • Mr LAU Cham Sum, Justin
  • Mr LEE Ka Lok, Victor
  • Ms LEUNG Oi Lai, Alice
  • Ms LIU Zhaohua, Carol
  • Ms MA Man Shan, Ada
  • Ms SHEK Wing Man, Winnie
  • Mr TAI Pak Kwan, Parken
  • Ms TSANG Wing Ngar Anita
  • Mr WANG Sze Man, Simon
  • Mr WONG Chi Wai, William
  • Dr WONG Hon Man, Jody
  • Mr YAU Yin Kwun, Joseph


Advisory Board

The Institute’s Advisory Board, composed of all past Presidents, current President and Vice Presidents and members appointed by the Council, advises the Council and the President on the strategic development, policies and activities to promote the objects of the Institute.

List of Advisory Board Members

  • Mr WONG Yui Keung, Marcellus
  • Mr CHAN Cheong Foon, Andrew
  • Mr CHAN Chung Wai, Bryan
  • Mr CHAU, Kenneth
  • Mr CHENG Kwok Wai, David
  • Mr CHOI Heng Chio, Jeremy
  • Mr CHOW Chan Lum, Charles
  • Mr FU Chi Kwong, Joseph
  • Mr HUI Chung Ying, Kevin
  • Mr HUNG, Francis Philip Thaddeus
  • Mr KUNG, Peter
  • Mr KWONG Shu Wing, Patrick
  • Mr LEE Kang Bor, Thomas
  • Mr LI Man Fai
  • Mr LO Wing Cheong, Vincent
  • Mr NG Kam Wah, Webster
  • Mr TANG Wai Man, Raymond
  • Mr WONG Chun Nam, Duffy
  • Mr WONG Shun On, Caesar
  • Mr WU Tak Lung, Bernard
  • Mr YAU Yin Kwun, Joseph
  • Ms YEUNG Ka Yin, Karmen



There are 18 Committees to which various matters are delegated by the Council. Please visit the Committee List for more details.

Annual General Meeting & Council Election

The 48th Annual General Meeting of the Institute will be held on 25 September 2020. For more information, please click here.