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20230204_25 Workshop 1: Step-by-Step Approach to Hong Kong Tax Audit Handling (including new approaches adopted by IRD)

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04 February 2023 (Saturday)
9:30 am - 12:30 pm

Ms Jocelyn Li, Manager, Tax Controversy Services, PwC Hong Kong

Mr Felix Tsang, Associate Director, Tax Controversy Services, PwC Hong Kong

Mr Philip Hung, Director, Tax Controversy Services, PwC Hong Kong

Live webinar
Proficiency Level:
Intermediate Level
$1800 – $2200
CPD Hours:
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Total 12 CPD hours will be granted for this workshop.

With the Government budget deficit of over HK$100 billion predicted by the Financial Secretary, and the pressure sustained by the Government from the global environment on combating double non-taxation, the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) have deployed more resources in conducting tax audits. They have increased their effort in choosing cases for tax audits by using technology. They have taken a more stringent approach in conducting their cases by adopting new practices and approaches in conducting their cases.

We have invited the specialists from PwC to give us a highlight on these recent developments in tax audits. The speakers will lead us through the whole process of a tax audit, highlight the changes adopted by the IRD and give suggestions on how to handle a tax audit. Furthermore, participants will be invited to suggest topics for the speakers to quote relevant examples for elaboration during the webinar.

Webinar outline

  • Micro-movies illustrating each step of a tax audit for common business types
  • Step-by-step approach to demonstrate different strategies for resolving tax audits
  • Tailor-made case analysis in Lecture 4 based on participants’ responses in Lectures 1 to 3
  • Real life case sharing

Key contents of each lecture are as follows:

Total 12 CPD hours will be granted for this workshop.

Speaker Profile

Jocelyn has over 5 years of experience in Hong Kong taxation. Prior to joining PwC Hong Kong, Jocelyn had been working in the Inland Revenue Department under the Field Audit and Investigation Unit and the Charitable Donation Unit for more than 2 years. Jocelyn has provided Hong Kong tax controversy services, including handling tax audit cases and prolonged profits tax disputes with the IRD for listed companies, multinational enterprises and local clients in different industries. Apart from dispute resolution, Jocelyn also assisted both local and overseas charitable institutions in conducting tax health checks from a dispute prevention angle regarding the withholding tax and permanent establishment issues.

Felix has over 15 years of experience in resolving tax audits, tax investigation and other tax disputes for multinational corporations and local SMEs in different industries including manufacturing, services, fund management and charitable institutions, involving a diverse range of issues such as offshore claims, cross-border transactions, contract / import processing arrangements, anti-avoidance, transfer pricing, tax exemption for charities and Board of Review proceedings. With insights in tax dispute resolution, Felix also has ample experience in providing practical tax and business advice from a dispute prevention angle, including tax health check, defence file building, post-audit restructuring, tax due diligence, fee structure for fund management, and charity set up.

Philip has over 30 years’ experience in Hong Kong taxation with six years in IRD. He is a well- known expert in the tax field and investigation specialty. After he left the IRD, Philip concentrated in assisting clients in handling tax investigation and field audit cases. He is the first to set up a specialized team to handle the IRD’s tax investigation and field audit cases for clients in the industry. His clients include fund managers, SME, listed companies and various MNC. He assisted in handling complicated cases such as worldwide onshore/offshore claim, disputes on contracting processing and import processing arrangements, offshore claim for Macao Offshore Company, IRD prosecution case and transfer pricing adjustments.