The Taxation Institute of Hong Kong (TIHK) has announced that it has successfully obtained the licence from the Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT) to grant the designation ‘Chartered Tax Adviser’ to its members.

The licence is granted to TIHK as CIOT’s next step in developing the Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) brand as a leading international standard in tax. This follows the granting of the same right to the Irish Tax Institute (ITI) and The Tax Institute (TTI) in Australia in 2012.

Under the agreement, nearly 1,900 members of TIHK will be able to convert their existing Certified Tax Adviser qualification to Chartered Tax Adviser, joining the existing 19,000 CIOT members, more than 5,000 ITI members and more than 7,000 members of TTI who can already call themselves Chartered Tax Advisers.

The Chartered Tax Adviser designation is recognised and respected internationally as a mark of technical excellence and professional integrity.

Jeremy Choi, President of The Taxation Institute of Hong Kong, said:

CIOT President Glyn Fullelove commented:

“I welcome The Taxation Institute of Hong Kong and its members to the growing international community of more than 30,000 Chartered Tax Advisers.

“Like CIOT, ITI and TTI, TIHK is committed to high professional standards, training, technical knowledge and exams, and to the promotion of tax education and research. The four institutes share a commitment to increasing public understanding of tax matters and to engaging constructively with legislators and tax authorities in the pursuit of a tax system which works effectively and efficiently for all involved with it – taxpayers, their advisers and the authorities.

“By granting the right to designate Chartered Tax Advisers to carefully chosen tax bodies in other countries we are pursuing our aim of recognising and promoting the highest standards of tax advice internationally.

“The Chartered Tax Adviser brand is highly recognised and very well respected in the UK, but is less well known elsewhere. With tax becoming increasingly globalised, and our members travelling to and working in more and more countries, we believe it will benefit our members to raise the profile of the designation internationally. We want it to be the global ‘go-to’ brand for high quality tax advice.”

Mr Fullelove’s video message:

For more details, please refer to the joint announcement from TIHK and CIOT:

TIHK-CIOT Joint Announcement on 12 June 2020