The Taxation Institute of Hong Kong (TIHK) would like to alert its members and the general public to the fake documents issued in the name of TIHK (see below).  These fake documents appear to be related to an internet scam.

TIHK declares that it has no connection with these documents and clarifies that it will not issue any document or advice for any money transferring purpose.  The known case has been reported to the Hong Kong Police Force (HKPC).

TIHK suggests its members and any persons to verify any emails and documents that claim to be sent from the Institute.  Please delete suspicious emails and attachments immediately without opening them.

If you receive communication which purports to be in TIHK’s name or in the name of our employees and are unsure as to its provenance or veracity, please contact the TIHK Secretariat at 852 2810 0438 or

If you suspect that you have fallen prey to a scam, please report the case to the HKPC immediately.

The Taxation Institute of Hong Kong

31 December 2020