[Important Announcement] CIOT licenses SAIT to award Chartered Tax Adviser status


The Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT) has announced that it has licensed the South African Institute of Taxation (SAIT) to grant the designation ‘Chartered Tax Adviser’ to its members as the next step in developing the Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) brand as a leading international standard in tax.

This follows the granting of the same right to the Irish Tax Institute (ITI) and The Tax Institute (TTI) in Australia in 2012, and the Taxation Institute of Hong Kong (TIHK) in 2020.

Under the agreement, qualifying members of SAIT will be able to transition to Chartered Tax Adviser status, joining the existing 19,600 CIOT members, 5,800 TTI members, more than 5,500 ITI members and more than 1,600 TIHK members who can already call themselves Chartered Tax Advisers.

TIHK President Webster Ng commented:

“The Institute is pleased to welcome SAIT and its members to the CTA family. By working along with various tax associations amongst different tax jurisdictions, The Institute believes the CTA brand will continue to develop, well-recognised and respected globally as a Gold Mark of technical excellence and professional integrity.

The Institute is the only tax professional body in the Asian region with strong backing from China on positive economic growth, and we look forward to working with the South African team to enhance the recognition and professionalism of tax practitioners worldwide by promoting the highest standards of tax education, research, technical knowledge, and professional advice.”

Peter Rayney, President of Chartered Institute of Taxation commented:

“I welcome the South African Institute of Taxation and its members to the growing international community of more than 32,000 Chartered Tax Advisers.

“Like CIOT and the other existing CTA bodies, SAIT is committed to high professional standards, training, technical knowledge and exams, and to the promotion of tax education and research. The five institutes share a commitment to increasing public understanding of tax matters and to engaging constructively with legislators and tax authorities in the pursuit of a tax system which works effectively for all involved with it – taxpayers, their advisers and the authorities.

“By granting the right to designate Chartered Tax Advisers to carefully chosen tax bodies in other countries we are pursuing our aim of recognising and promoting the highest standards of tax advice internationally.

“The Chartered Tax Adviser brand is highly recognised and very well respected in the UK, but is less well known elsewhere. With tax becoming increasingly globalised, and our members travelling to and working in more and more countries, we believe it will benefit our members to raise the profile of the designation internationally. We want it to be the global ‘go-to’ brand for high quality tax advice.”

Keith Engel, Chief Executive of the South African Institute of Taxation, said:

“SAIT and its members now have the international recognition we have worked so hard to obtain from our humble beginnings some 15 years ago. SAIT members with the Chartered Tax Adviser designation will now have the globally recognised status they deserve.”

Martin Lambe, Chief Executive of the Irish Tax Institute, also welcomed SAIT to the global Chartered Tax Adviser community:

“The inclusion of SAIT is a significant development for the tax profession around the world.  We look forward to working with our colleagues in South Africa to promote the highest standards of tax education and the role of the tax profession in serving the best interests of taxpayers at a time of change in global taxation.”

Jerome Tse, President of The Tax Institute of Australia, commented:

“The Tax Institute is pleased to welcome SAIT to the CTA fold. Tax education is our highest priority, and it is wonderful to see support for the learning, knowledge, and recognition of dedicated and talented tax professionals in this way. We look forward to working with the team in South Africa to ensure both our tax communities are upholding the rigorous professional standards the CTA designation represents.”

TIHK Supporting Event – HKIHRM Training & Development Needs (TDN) Webinar 2022

The 2022 Training & Development Needs Webinar is now open for registration! 10+ renowned speakers will share their insights into the webinar theme as well as some of the L&D hot topics on an online platform.

Participants will be able to learn:

  • Summary results of the latest Hong Kong Training and Development Needs Survey will be shared
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Webinar Information:

Date: 3 August 2022 (Wednesday)
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Digital Practice Summit 2022

The Institute is pleased to be a supporting partner of Digital Practice Summit, happening on 15 June 2022, LIVE ONLINE. This one-day dedicated event will bring you new insights,  updates on the latest technologies and best practices to help you grow your practice post pandemic in 2022 and beyond. It’s going to be free, accessible and inspiring for all.

By attending the Digital Practice Summit, you and your team will have the chance to:

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Event Information:
When: 15 June 2022, Wednesday (09:00-17:00)
Where: Online Virtual Conference
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2022年度「全國稅務師職業資格考試」(香港考場) 報名期至6月21日

2022年度「全國稅務師職業資格考試」(香港考場) 報名期至6月21日 








9:00 – 11:30



13:00 – 15:30


16:30 – 19:00




9:00 – 11:30


14:00 –16:30




1. 報名時間︰2022年5月10日 10:00 至 6月21日 17:00
2. 補報名期:2022年8月5日 10:00 至 8月11日 17:00






1. 首次報考人士/首次經香港稅務學會報考的人士,必須把填寫好的「2022年香港、澳門報名資訊表」(注)連同下列文檔電郵至︰tihkadm@tihk.org.hk。如欲查詢認可之海外大學名單,請瀏覽中國教育部留學服務中心:http://www.crs.jsj.edu.cn/index.php/default/index/sort/8

  • 香港身份證及回鄉證/通行證;
  • 最高學歷證書(暫未取得學歷(學位)的報考人士須提供學生證);
  • 工作年限證明(從事經濟類、法律相關工作);
  • 報考人士本人最近一年內的1寸免冠白底證件照片;及
  • 申請免試《財務與會計》科目的報考人士,必須提交香港會計師公會正式會員證書及由公會發出的書面證明,確認其入會日期及2022年度的會員資格(good standing)

經秘書處確認後,首次報考人士必須攜帶上述文檔的正本於辦公時間內   親臨香港稅務學會   辦理審核及繳交考試費用。

2. 曾透過香港稅務學會報考的人士,請把填寫好的「2022年香港、澳門報名資訊表」 連同最近1年內的1寸免冠白底證件照片電郵至︰tihkadm@tihk.org.hk。考試費用可以劃線支票郵寄或親臨香港稅務學會繳交。

– 報考人士填寫「2022年香港、澳門報名資訊表」前請先細閱資訊表內的「香港、澳門考生報名資訊表填寫說明」
– 相片應為標准證件數字照片,文件格式為JPG或JPEG格式,白色背景,尺寸25mm*35mm,像素>=295*413。










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TIHK Supporting Event – Accountants, WeCare 2022 (22 April 2022)

In view of the demands and the extreme pressure faced by our members during these two months, we decided to have immediate rerun for this session which were originally held on March 31. We still have some small number of seats available. If you are interested in the rerun, please find the information as follows:

Event Information:

Topic: 疫中尋序:恐慌中的進退之道
Date: 22 April 2022 (Friday)
Time: 19:00 – 20:30
Speaker: Ms. Shirley Loo BBS MH JP  羅乃萱女士 (家庭發展基金有限公司總幹事)
CPD Hours: 1.5 hours
(Please Click to enroll)

Mode: Zoom webinar
Language: Cantonese
Fee: Free of charge for TIHK members and students

Confirmation email or rejection email will be sent to you 3 working days before the webinar.
For any inquiries, please email to acawecare@gmail.com or call 9305 9551 (Elsa Hung) or 2522 7605 (Elizabeth Law).


IRD Electronic Filing of Profits Tax Return

IRD Electronic Filing of Profits Tax Return

With effect from 1 April 2022, Profits Tax Returns can be furnished by service providers.  Corporations and partnerships satisfying the conditions specified by the Commissioner of Inland Revenue can file their Profits Tax Returns for any year of assessment from 2016/17 to 2021/22 and attach supplementary forms to Profits Tax Return S1, S2, S3 and S4 electronically under eTAX by themselves or through service providers.  Please visit Inland Revenue Department’s website www.ird.gov.hk/eng/tax/bus_epf.htm for details.



The Institute is going to organise the Tax Debate Competition 2022 on 28 – 29 May, and 5 June 2022. In view of the fifth wave of pandemic, the Debate is now changed to virtual mode. You may watch the live on the event. Stay tuned for more details!


屆時歡迎各位到YouTube觀看直播 (https://youtube.com/c/TIHKTheTaxationInstituteofHongKong)。

Newly “Technical Corner” on the AOTCA website

We are delighted to share that the “Technical Corner” was newly open on the AOTCA website. This site was created for the technical information sharing project initiated by the Chairman of AOTCA Technical Committee and and the Past President of TIHK, Mr. Jeremy Choi The site provides the information on the latest development of international taxes as well as local taxes in the AOTCA members’ jurisdictions. TIHK has contributed a video slip of the BEPs 2.0 development and the latest international tax updates.
For more information, please visit: https://www.aotca.org/publications/ 

TIHK Supporting Event – 財務匯報局「會計專業監管制度改革」網上研討會


• 紀律處分專業人士(即註冊會計師和執業單位)的程序及方針
• 執業單位的查察
• 調查專業人士
• 執業單位的註冊
• 向註冊會計師發出執業證書的政策



日期 : 2022年3月30日(星期三)

時間 : 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

授課形式 : 網絡研討會 (zoom直播)

語言 : 廣東話

CPD時數 : 2小時

費用 : 免費 (只限主辦機構及支持機構之會員、附屬會員及其僱員)


報名連結 (以先到先得形式) :


香港稅務學會之會員,報名時請選取“華師之友(優惠)”的身份,並輸入以下所屬代碼: TIHK2022




備註 : Zoom研討會連結將於課程舉行前發送至參加者的登記電郵地址。