TIHK Supporting Event – Accounting & Finance Show Hong Kong 2021

The Institute is pleased to be a supporting partner of Accounting & Finance Show Hong Kong 2021, happening on 28-29 July, LIVE ONLINE. At this 2-days event, we’ve gathered the top accounting & finance professionals from around the region to share their ideas, experience, useful strategies and best practice on digitalisation and technology adoption that could help you streamline your business processes.

​By attending the 
Accounting & Finance Show Hong Kong 2021, you and your team will have the chance to:
– Hear the stories of innovative and tech-savvy accounting and finance professionals who have leveraged technology to transform their businesses.
– Connect with other accounting & finance professionals as well as potential solution providers using our networking platform – our platform allows you to have virtual meetings at the click of a button!
– Check out tech demos of the latest software solutions to help you to gauge whether they could help your business.
– Join live and highly interactive panel sessions and have your questions answered by our knowledgeable speakers.
– Take away new ideas, tips and tricks that could both save you money and maximise efficiency.

Event Information:
Date: 28-29 July 2021 (Wednesday & Thursday)
Time: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Format: Online Virtual Conference
Free to attend
Get your free ticket here: https://bit.ly/3j255bj



由香港稅務學會舉辦的2021年「粵港澳大灣區大專生綫上稅務爭霸戰」今日(6月19日) 正式完滿結束。上星期六(6月12日)舉行的初賽,八隊來自香港、廣東省及澳門各大專院校的商科本科生分別圍繞著今次比賽既主題「企業納稅人在粵港澳大灣區營運的轉讓定價考慮」進行專題匯報。















19 June 2021


CPD Requirements for non-CTA members from 2022

Starting from 2022, members who are not CTAs are required to fulfill the Institute’s CPD requirements, i.e. to obtain a total of 10 CPD Hours during 1 December 2020 to 30 November 2021, of which 3 hours are tax-related).  For more details, please see www.tihk.org.hk/continuing-professional-development

If you have any enquiry regarding the CPD requirements, please contact the Secretariat by email tihkadm@tihk.org.hk or 2810 0438.

TIHK Supporting Event – 【香港與大灣區金融監管機構高峰會系列】交流會─財務匯報局在會計業改革中的角色







高峰會將於本週五 (6月18日)晚上6時30分 ,以Zoom形式在網上舉行,時間約1.5小時,歡迎會計同業免費參與,觀看證明亦將免費派發給已登記朋友。



登記鏈結: https://www.scaacpa.org.hk/web/act.php?mid=99&apply_id=796&cmd=detail


TIHK Supporting Event – The Hong Kong Institute of Bankers (HKIB) Annual Banking Conference 2021

The Hong Kong Institute of Bankers (HKIB) Annual Banking Conference 2021

Date:            28 September 2021 (Tue)

Time:            9:00am – 5:15pm

Venue:          N101, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Website:       bankingconference.hkib.org/hkib2021

Fee:               Members of Supporting Organisations can register at a special rate to attend the event.

  • HKD4,650 Full Day (Original: HKD5,800; Early Bird*: HKD4,050)
  • HKD3,200 Afternoon Session (Original: HKD4,000; Early Bird*: HKD2,900)
  • HKD1,250 Virtual Pass (Original: HKD1,500; Early Bird*: HKD1,050)

(*Early bird discount rate is applicable for registration received by 31 July 2021.)

Registration:  http://bankingconference.hkib.org/hkib2021/registration.html

Enquiries:       (852) 2153 7800 / bankingconference@hkib.org


HKIB CPD / SFC CPT:  Full Day session: 5.5 hours and Afternoon session: 2.5 hours


Re-Globalisation, Sustainability and Transformation under the New Normal


With the theme “Re-Globalisation, Sustainability and Transformation under the New Normal”, this year’s HKIB Annual Banking Conference will focus on the profound changes in the industry as a result of the pandemic and the key strategic goals that are high on the financial services agenda for the new normal.

The interactive program will explore the operational transformation megatrends, from cost transformation to reforming operational models. How the industry should continue to reinvent banking services, enhance customer-centricity, and respond to new macroeconomic and geopolitical realities will also be discussed. Our guest speakers will also highlight where the most significant opportunities are and the next frontiers that are driving the sustainable development of the banking industry in a reglobalised world.

The afternoon breakout sessions will also have deep-dive discussions on the new digital transformation priorities in responding to the rapidly evolving customer expectations and the shifting competitive landscape. The exciting developments in Fintech, Regtech and other emerging technologies will also be highlighted.

HKIB strives to provide a platform for the banking industry to get together and exchange new ideas so that they can capitalise on the new opportunities and understand the developments that will have overarching impacts on the banking industry.

The Three Breakout Streams: This is where industry leaders will focus on hot areas to deliver practical insights on implementing changes for the future today.

The Exhibition Zone: This is where delegates can check out the latest tools and gain specific insights into how emerging technologies might shape the future of banking.

Join 650+ of the banking industry’s most influential and elite professionals at Hong Kong’s premier annual banking event that is revered by banking professionals for more than a decade!

2021 CTA Examination Enrollment until 14 September

The Taxation Institute of Hong Kong (TIHK) is pleased to announce that the 2021 Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) Qualifying Examination will be held from 20 to 22 October 2021.

1. Renaming of the CTA Examination

Last year, TIHK has reached an agreement with the Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT) regarding the Licensing Arrangement (The “Licensing Agreement”) under which CIOT has licensed TIHK to grant the “Chartered Tax Adviser” designation to our qualifying members.  Please click here for the joint announcement from TIHK and CIOT on 12 June 2020.

Following the conversion of designation (from Certified Tax Advisers to Chartered Tax Advisers) has begun in January 2021, the Certified Tax Adviser (CTA) Qualifying Examination has also be renamed as Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) Qualifying Examination.  Starting from 2021, newly qualifying members passing the CTA Examination, and upon satisfying other specific requirements, will be granted the Chartered Tax Adviser designation. To learn more about the stories of our CTA Graduates, please visit: www.tihk.org.hk/cta-graduates

2. Examination Dates 

Paper Examination Date
Paper 1 – Accounting and Finance 20 Oct 2021 (PM), Wednesday
Paper 2 – Hong Kong Tax 21 Oct 2021 (AM), Thursday
Paper 3 – International Tax 22 Oct 2021 (AM), Friday
Paper 4 – PRC Tax 21 Oct 2021 (PM), Thursday
Paper 5 – Advanced Taxation Practice 22 Oct 2021 (PM), Friday

3. Enrollment

Members and Students can log-in their account to enroll the examination online: www.tihk.org.hk/online-exam-enrollment. Enrollment for the 2021 CTA Examination is open until 12:00 noon, 14 September 2021.

4. Syllabus

Members and Students who wish to take the 2021 CTA Examination are strongly advised to read through the latest examination syllabus at www.tihk.org.hk/syllabus

5. Exemptions

Exemptions from the CTA Examination may be granted from Paper 1, Paper 2, Paper 3 or Paper 4, or a combination thereof, up to a maximum of 4 papers only, to candidates who possess the recognised professional qualification or have completed the accredited academic programmes listed in www.tihk.org.hk/exemptions.  No exemption from Paper 5 is to be granted.

If you wish to apply for exemption from the CTA Examination, please complete and return the enrollment form, together with any relevant supporting document(s) and payment, to the TIHK Secretariat before the enrollment deadline.  To download the enrollment form, please click below:

2022 CTA Exam Enrollment Form

6. Textbook 

The Institute and Wolters Kluwer have jointly published the textbook “International Tax Law & Practice (1st edition)” for Paper 3 – International Tax.  A comprehensive 70-page supplement will be published in September in electronic format, and provided to those who have brought the textbook free of charge.  To order the textbook, please visit: https://www.tihk.org.hk/event/special-offer-intltaxtectbook/.

Should you have any enquiries regarding the 2021 CTA Examination, please contact the TIHK Secretariat by email: tihkadm@tihk.org.hk, or telephone: 2810-0438.


由香港稅務學會舉辦的第一屆「粵港澳大灣區大專生綫上稅務爭霸戰」(初賽)在今天(6月12日) 順利舉行,來自香港、廣東省及澳門八間大專院校的商科本科生就企業納稅人在粵港澳大灣區營運的轉讓定價考慮進行專題匯報。



  • 香港中文大學
  • 香港公開大學
  • 香港理工大學
  • 廣東財經大學


TIHK Supporting Event – Accountancy Forum 2021

Accountancy Forum 2021


This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Accountancy Forum on Contemporary Issues in Accounting organized by IVE Business Discipline. The Forum has been well received by the accounting industry and attracted overwhelming enrolments of over 700 last year.


Event Information

Date: 28 June 2021 (Monday)

Time: 2:00 pm – 4:30 pm

Format: Webinar via Microsoft Teams

Topics & Speakers:

Tax Rate Analysis of Listed Entities and Latest International Tax Development 上市公司稅率分析看最新國際稅務發展
Mr. LAM Chi Yuen Nelson JP
Executive Chairman, Accountancy Caring Alliance Limited
Adjunct Professor, The School of Business, Hong Kong Baptist University
Importance of Green Finance & Sustainable Development in Listed Companies in Hong Kong 綠色金融與可持續發展對香港上市公司的重要性
Mr. LO Wa Kei, Roy
Managing Partner, SHINEWING (HK) CPA Limited


For registration, please click here to enroll.

Registration Deadline: 18 June 2021


Please click here for the event flyer.


香港稅務學會義務稅務諮詢2021 – 活動花絮