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Professional Indemnity Insurance for CTAs
  • WED
  • 26
  • JUN
  • 2019

    Starting from 1 January 2020, all Certified Tax Advisers (CTA) who are in public practice are required to be covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII), unless they are exempt because their liabilities have already been covered by PII obtained in their other professional capacity.  Employees who hold themselves out as a CTA and provide taxation services should be covered by their firm’s PII.


    The Institute has negotiated a master policy for members which is administered by the sole insurance broker, AMTD, and is underwritten by Chubb.  Representatives from the two companies will introduce the master policy to members at the coming information session to be held on 9 July 2019 (Tuesday).  The first 34 members to enroll in the PII master policy, which will be effective from 1 October 2019, will enjoy an early bird discount of HK$900 offered by the Institute.  The deadline for early-bird enrollment is 31 August 2019.


    Members are advised to read through the FAQ on PII requirements and the quotation from AMTD and Chubb at www.tihk.org.hk/v2/cta/pii_requirement (member's log-in requried) 


    Please note that PII cover may be effected with any reputable insurance company or underwriter through any reputable insurance broker.  Members should be aware that the Institute cannot recommend that members take out a particular PII scheme.

Members Survey 2019
  • FRI
  • 21
  • JUN
  • 2019

    Dear Members and Students,


    In order to help the Institute to enhance its member services and to better understand your views on the Institute's future development, the Membership & Member Service Committee has launched the Members Survey 2019.  We urge you to complete the survey to reflect your view and opinion of the Institute's various matters.

    Members and Students who have completed the Members Survey will be given $100 CPD coupon.  The Secretariat will send out the coupon code by email in two weeks’ time.

    Please kindly take a few minutes to complete the Survey on or before 22 July 2019.  To access the Survey, please click here.

    Your assistance to this survey would be very much appreciated.


    If you have any enquiries regarding the Survey, please contact the Secretariat by telephone at 2810-0438 or email tihkadm@tihk.org.hk.


    Yours sincerely,
    Alan Cheung
    Chairman of Membership & Member Service Committee
    The Taxation Institute of Hong Kong

Policy on Re-admission to Membership and Regaining of CTA Designation
  • TUE
  • 18
  • JUN
  • 2019

    Please note the following policy on re-admission to membership and regaining of CTA designation approved by the Council in June 2019:


    Re-admission to Membership



    Retired Member

    Re-joining the Institute after three years of ceasing to be a member

    Pay a re-admission fee equivalent to 2-years’ annual subscription,and annual subscription for the year of re-admission

    Re-joining the Institute within three years of ceasing to be a member

    Pay a re-admission fee equivalent to annual subscriptions for the lapsed years of membership,and annual subscription for the year of re-admission


    Re-joining the Institute after three years of ceasing to be a Student

    Pay a re-admission fee equivalent to 2-years’ annual registration fee,and annual registration fee for the year of re-admission

    Re-joining the Institute within three years of ceasing to be a Student

    Pay a re-admission fee equivalent to annual registration fees for the lapsed years of student membership,and annual registration fee for the year of re-admission

    Regaining of CTA Designation

    CTA designation

    Obtained under the “Grandfather Scheme” in 2010

    Take the CTA Qualifying Examination

    Obtained through completing the CTA Qualifying Examination

    Pay the annual subscriptions and CTA registration fees for all lapsed years of membership

    Important Notes:

    1.   The re-admission fee to be paid will be calculated based on the prevailing full rates of annual subscription in the year of re-admission.

    2.  All re-admitted members are required to comply with the Institute’s Code of Professional Conduct, which can be accessed from www.tihk.org.hk/v2/cta/professional_conduct.


    While the above policy shall take effect from 1 July 2019, there would be a grace period (from 18 June 2019 until 30 August 2019) for those who have obtained the CTA designation under the “Grandfather Scheme” in 2010 (“Grandfathered CTAs”) to re-join the Institute and regain the CTA designation by paying the annual subscriptions and CTA registration fees for all lapsed years of membership.  Please note this is a one-time-only concession.  Starting from 31 August 2019, all Grandfathered CTAs whose membership has ceased will have to take the CTA Qualifying Examination in order to regain the CTA designation.

2019年度「全國稅務師職業資格考試」(香港考場) 報名期至6月21日
  • TUE
  • 14
  • MAY
  • 2019










    9:00 – 11:30



    13:00 – 15:30


    16:30 – 19:00




    9:00 – 11:30


    14:00 –16:30




    2019514日至 62117:00











    電話:+852 2810-0438

    傳真:+852 2523-1263


IRD Electronic Filing: Tax Return - Individuals 2018/19
  • THU
  • 2
  • MAY
  • 2019

    File Tax Return - Individuals through eTAX to enjoy personalized on-line tax services.  Electronic filing is secure, easy and environment-friendly.  Please visit www.gov.hk/etax for details.

Annual Return for 2019 Membership Renewal
  • TUE
  • 19
  • MAR
  • 2019

    The deadline for 2019 membership renewal had already passed.  Failure to renew your membership on time will result in cessation of your TIHK membership and removal of your name from the CTA Register (if applicable).


    Members who have yet to renew your TIHK membership are strongly advised to follow the steps below to renew your TIHK membership and CTA certificate (if applicable) as soon as possible:


    1. Login your TIHK account (www.tihk.org.hk/v2/member/login)

    2. Click “My Profile” at the top right hand corner and update your membership record, if necessary.

    3. Click “Payment Status” to settle your annual membership fee online.  You can also pay by cash or cheque.

    4. Click “Annual Return” to submit your Annual Return for 2019 membership renewal online.  It is your obligation to duly complete and submit the declaration to the Institute.

    5. If you are a CTA, also click “CPD Declaration” to submit the CPD Declaration.


    Please refer to the attached step-by-step tutorial for more details. If you have difficulties renewing online, please contact the Secretariat at tihkadm@tihk.org.hk or 2810 0438.

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