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IRD Electronic Filing: Tax Return - Individuals 2016/17
  • TUE
  • 2
  • MAY
  • 2017

    File Tax Return - Individuals through eTAX to enjoy personalized on-line tax services.  Electronic filing is secure, easy and environment-friendly.  Please visit www.gov.hk/etax for details.

TIHK 2017 Members Referral Program “MRP”
  • TUE
  • 18
  • APR
  • 2017

    1 April 2017


    2017 Members Referral Program “MRP”


    Dear Members


    As part of the Institute’s 45th Anniversary promotional programs, I am appealing to you to participate in our 2017 membership drive campaign.  Members’ support and involvement in the Institute’s activities are vital for our success and we need therefore a very strong membership base moving forward.  Over many years in the past and now, the Institute has planned a wide spectrum of activities which extend to educational, recreational and corporate social responsibility (CSR) purposes.  To this end, we shall be glad to invite all of you to actively take part in the Institute’s activities and also help recruit new members to join our Institute.


    As a token of appreciation, for every successful referral of a new member (not applicable to student membership) by each member of the Institute, he/she will be rewarded with a HK$ 450 incentive which could be used to settle his/her future membership subscriptions or a HKD500 CPD coupon if he/she so chooses.  The terms and conditions applicable to this campaign, together with a list of professional bodies recognized by the Institute for the time being for this purpose, are produced hereunder for your reference.  The same together with the official membership application form could also be downloaded from the Institute’s website: http://www.tihk.org.hk/v2/member.  In order to streamline the administrative procedures, members who are interested in the program could arrange to have the application form duly completed and signed by all parties concerned and thereafter submit it to our Secretariat for processing.   


    Further, as a member of the Institute, he/she can enjoy members’ benefits as per attachment subject to the local vendors’ terms and conditions.  The vendors’ list will be updated regularly in our website for your reference and enjoyment. 


    Should you have any queries regarding this program, please feel free to contact Annie Lo at 852 2810-0438 or annie.lo@tihk.org.hk.


    Yours faithfully,


    Karmen Yeung


TIHK: Maxim and Arome's Rice Dumpling Discount Notice
  • WED
  • 12
  • APR
  • 2017

    Dear Members/Students,


    The Institute is pleased to share with you the special discounts offered by the Maxim's Caterers Limited for purchasing a variety of rice dumplings.


    The offer is open till 28 April 2017 (Friday).


    For more details, please download and refer to the order form (Chinese version only).


    Happy Dragon Boat Festival!


    Yours faithfully,


    Membership Committee



    1.      NON-returnable & NON-exchangeable.

    2.      Orders will only be valid if you state your correct TIHK membership number.

    3.      The last ordering date for this promotion is 28 April 2017 (Friday).

    4.      Coupon will only be collected from 17 to 19 May 2017 at the TIHK office.

Early Closure of TIHK Secretariat Office on 27 January 2017
  • WED
  • 18
  • JAN
  • 2017

    Please note that the Secretariat office will be early closed at 2:00pm on 27 January 2017.


    Thank you for your attention. 


Members Discount Notice 2017
  • THU
  • 5
  • JAN
  • 2017

    Membership Card – Discount Notice 2017


    To enhance our members’ service, the Institute is pleased to sharing with you that the merchant name and discount offers. 


    Discount offer item

    Discount valid till

    Wai Yuen Tong(HK)位元堂

    All items (10-15% off)


    New World Property Management Company Limited

    Eight Kwai Fong Serviced Apartments offer


    Sunflower 新華旅遊

    1. HK$50 off per person on air-inclusive tours
    2. HK$100 off per person on long haul tours

    3. 15% off on Sun flower AIG Travel Insurance by enrolling Sunflower Tours and FIT packages


    Cuisine-royale 薈軒

    Dim Sum (10%)
    Friday, 12:00 14:00)




    Travel Bus Services (30% off)



    All items (20% off)


    Standard Chartered Bank

    Employee Banking Program Offer

    Until further notices


    The vendors’ lists will be updated regularly in our website for your reference and action. For merchants’ detailed discount offers, please visit our Institute website: http://www.tihk.org.hk/v2/news for details.


    Please note that the merchants shall have their final discretion to amend the terms and conditions. The Institute does not take any responsibility for any changes thereto.


    Yours faithfully


    Simon Ng

    Chairman of Membership Committee



Early Closure of TIHK Secretariat Office on 21 December 2016
  • MON
  • 12
  • DEC
  • 2016

    Please note that the Secretariat office will be early closed at 2:00pm on 21 December 2016.


    Thank you for your attention. 


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