Profile of TIHK
The Institute was incorporated as a company limited by guarantee on 29th September 1972 by a group of professionals with the major objectives of promoting the study of taxation, using as a venue for the exchange of taxation knowledge as well as to enhance the standard of tax professionals. Initially 34 members subscribed to the Memorandum and Articles of Association; and at present the Institute has more than 2700 members.
Visit to PRC
As early as 1979 the Institute has made contact with tax societies and bureaus in Mainland China and from then onward maintained very good relationship with the PRC tax authorities and tax societies. Annual visits are organized to Beijing and Guangdong and other major cities visiting various tax bureaus and relevant government offices.
Budget Submission
In 1980 the Institute made its first budget submission to the Financial Secretary of Hong Kong. The submission commented on Hong Kong's fiscal policy with suggestions thereof to the Government. This budget submission has become an annual event for the Institute.
In 1987 the Institute became one of the founding members of the Joint Liaison Committee of Taxation (JLCT) established to study, review and advise the Administration on Hong Kong's taxation legislations and policies.
In 1978 the Institute published it first booklet on taxation topics.
In 1990 the Institute and PolyU jointly published a taxation bulletin: "Taxation "on topics of Taxation and related matters, in 1997 this bulletin was upgraded into a full professional journal renamed as "Asia-Pacific Journal of Taxation". Throughout these years the Journal has gained much reputation among academics and professionals in the region. In addition to the Journal the Institute also launched a quarterly newsletter to keep members abreast of the activities and events of the Institute and to provide them with current taxation updates.
By 1994 the Institute joined the Asia-Oceania Tax Consultants' Association (AOTCA), an organization represented by tax practitioners in the Asia-Oceania region. In 2006 the Institute first hosted the AOTCA annual general meeting and international tax conference in Hong Kong. The event was attended by hundreds of participants from the region.
The Institute's past President Mr. Thomas Lee has been elected as the President of AOTCA effective January 2013.
In order to assist students preparing for the CTA Qualifying Examination, the Institute and the School of Continuing and Professional Education ("SCOPE") of the City University of Hong Kong ("City U") have jointly offered CTA examination preparatory course for this purpose.
  • Qualifying Examination Program ("QEP") of the Institute Since 1994 the Institute has co-operated with SCOPE in the provision of the QEP course.
    The course has been revamped in 2011 to become the Continuing Education Diploma in Tax Advisory. This course will commence in October 2012. Successful completion of this 1-year course will entitle the students, who have the qualifying tax experience, to become members of the Institute. They will also get exemptions of Hong Kong Tax Paper and International Tax Paper from our CTA Examination. This year there are over 30 students taking the course.
  • Master of Finance (Taxation)
    Since 2005 the Institute has co-operated with SCOPE and Jinan University in developing and offering the master degree program for the advanced study of Hong Kong, Mainland China and International taxation. It is the only taxation course at master degree level offered in Hong Kong.
  • PRC Certified Tax Agents ("PRC CTA") Examination
    The Institute has acted as the secretariat of the PRC CTA examination since 2007. This is arranged with the examination authorities in Hong Kong and Mainland China. In 2012, over 40 candidates sat for the examination. The Memorandum of Understanding for TIHK acting as the secretariat of the PRC CTA was newed in 2011 for another 5 years.
By 1998 the Institute established its first website. The website provides basic information of the Institute. In 2012 the Institute revamps its website giving additional and important information of the Institute, among which also includes register of CTA members and list of Accredited CTA Employers.
Office Premise
The Institute acquired its present office in Sheung Wan during the year of the SARS in 2003.
In 2006 the Institute has signed a five year co-operation Agreement with the Ministry of Personnel, Administration Centre of Certified Tax Agent of the State Administration of Taxation and the Hong Kong Examination and Assessment Authority whereby the Institute assists in holding the PRC Certified Tax Agents (CTA) examination in Hong Kong. The Agreement was renewed in 2011 for another five years.
Cross Strait Taxation Conference
Furthermore the Institute participated in the Cross Strait Taxation Seminars organized by The Taxation Institute of Guangdong Province (廣東省稅務學會), Institute of Taxation of Macau (澳門稅務學會), and Chinese Tax Research Association (Taiwan) (台灣中國租稅研究會) with Chinese Association of Industries Taxation Professionals (中華產業稅務協會) becomes the Taiwan representative from 2008 onwards.
The event is held every year. The Institute hosted the 3rd cross strait tax conference in 2008 in Hong Kong. In this year 2012 the event will again be hosted by the Institute in Hong Kong.
Award to the then President by the Government
In 2007 the HKSAR Government has awarded our then incumbent president Mr. Richard Chow a Medal of Honour for his contribution to the study of taxation. This is indeed also a great honour to the Institute.
Joint taxation conference with Shenzhen
In 2010, the Institute and 深圳市稅務學會 jointly hosted a taxation conference in Shenzhen. The event was held annually in Shenzhen.
Certified Tax Adviser and Accredited Employer Program
In 2010 the Institute launched its first annual Certified Tax Adviser (CTA) qualifying examination in order to enhance the standard of tax professionals. The Institute by now has over 2,700 members with 2,500 plus are CTAs.
To further strengthen and advance the status of CTA in Hong Kong, the Institute has introduced the CTA Accredited Employer Program in July 2012 and within a period of 2 months since its birth more than 250 CPA firms have recognized and joined the program.
Last Updated in April 2016